The Berkshire Design Group, Inc. is a nationally recognized award-winning firm of landscape architects, civil engineers and land surveyors headquartered in Northampton, Massachusetts. Since 1984 we have provided creative and successful solutions for a wide range of public, private, institutional, corporate and civic clients.

We find the extra dimensions inherent in all design problems to reach creative solutions and successfully navigate our clients through local, state, and federal regulations and permitting to get projects constructed on budget and on time.

We provide our clients with a complete range of design, landscape architecture, engineering, and survey services and have the management skills necessary to coordinate diverse projects and collaborative professional teams.

Great design, sustainable engineering, and collaborating with clients to bring projects in on time and within budget are our primary objectives.

Our Approach

We are a cross-disciplinary and dynamic team, working closely with each other to provide innovative approaches to our clients. We look at larger trends and ask some of the tougher questions, and try to push sustainable design principals within each of our projects. We understand that each client, each site, is unique, and we listen to you, your needs, and help you figure out how to develop the most appropriate solution.

Our experience is a valuable resource. Together have substantial experience working in the region and are able to anticipate issues before they arise. We work with you to craft a narrative forward, an approach, and a schedule that meets your needs and sticks within your budget.


“I have read and re-read Berkshire Design Group’s Master Planning Study and can only say what excellent work they have done.  Particularly noteworthy is their sensitivity to the many issues we have been discussing for so many years”.

St. Andrew’s School, Middletown, Delaware



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