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Hitchcock Celebrates New $5.8M Home

Published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette on October 1, 2016

The Daily Hampshire Gazette recently published an article on the opening of one of our most recent projects, the Hitchcock Center at Hampshire College.

The Hitchcock Center at Hampshire College is another net zero energy undertaking by the college. Hampshire College also recently opened the Kern Center, another net zero energy building that produces its own water supply and manages its own wastewater.

The Hitchcock Center will offer numerous educational opportunities for children and adults alike, featuring living creatures including turtles and snakes, as well as an art gallery more suited for the older crowd.

The new building perches atop an open field between the Red Barn and the Hampshire College Farm Center. The structure operates on ecological design principles like net zero energy and water use.

More than 8,500 participants visit the Hitchcock Center annually, but the old building could only accommodate 50 people in its largest room. The new building can fit 130 people in its biggest room.


Read the full article from the Daily Hampshire Gazette here ยป New Hitchcock Center Unveiled

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