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Waggin Trails Dog Park Featured in the Boston Globe

Northampton’s future private dog park at Glendale Road was featured recently in the Boston Globe.  Envisioned by Sarah Schatz of Sarah’s Pet Services, Berkshire Design assisted in the design and permitting of the dog park.   Currently the project is beginning construction documents.

The dog park seeks to connect dog owners to trails featuring New England forests and meadows, in addition to a new dog pond, and sand dunes for dogs.   There will be three fenced in areas: 15 acres of trails with a pavilion, stone outcrops, meadows, and woods; large dog area with dog pond and walking path, deck and connection to a park building with patio overlook, dog wash station, and porch; and thirdly a small dog area with walking paths, a sand dune, and shade trees.  Sarah envisions a key fab system for access to the park’s features.  Classes may be held on site for dog owners as well.  The project really took great care to protect existing natural features within the parcel.  Once the team discovered a large wetland constellation on site, they revised the plans to protect these areas.  Existing trails on site were rerouted out of wetlands and wildlife corridors were persevered in the interior of the site.  Dog owners must walk their dogs across an existing stream crossing and wildlife corridor before entering the fenced in 15+ acre trail area.  The project architect, Tom Douglas Architects, has designed the park building, and ‘Scapes builders plans to start construction in the Spring.

The project hopes to push sustainable waste management once the project comes on line.  Either with a anaerobic digester, or composting options for reducing the impact of dog waste on the environment.

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