R. W. Kern Center Featured in Architectural Record

Ahead of the Pack–Case Studies Demonstrating Exemplary Sustainable Design

Published by Architectural Record on March 1, 2017

Architectural Record has recently published an article showcasing Berkshire Design’s work in Western Massachusetts.  The four projects help promote sustainable strategies in the region and nationwide.

“…In Western Massachusetts, there are four completed projects pursuing certification or already certified: Smith College’s off-campus Bechtel Environmental Classroom, in West Whately; the Class of 1966 Environmental Center, at Williams College in Williamstown; and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment and the R.W. Kern Center, both on the campus of Hampshire College in Amherst. Each building benefited from the regulatory successes of the previous project…Just one example of the many scrutinized elements are those relating to Kern’s roof, which is a critical part of the rainwater-harvesting system. The two firms [Bruner/Cott  & Berkshire Design] studied details such as the optimal slope, the relationship between the overhang and the gutters, and how best to attach screens that help keep leaves and other debris out of the water. ‘The performance criteria can’t be separated from the architecture,’ says Chamberland.”

Read the full article here from Architectural Record http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/12307-continuing-education-water-conservation

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